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The Blockchain Business Alliance project, referred to as BAC, focuses on the nearly 30 trillion commercial circulation market in China. It aims to create a public chain ecology based on the commercial circulation field. Social platforms and other types of platforms participate in project research to jointly promote the supply-side digital development of the retail backend and enhance the digital capabilities of the supply chain.
Property and rights certificates are freely generated, transferred, notarized and confirmed on the public chain in the form of tokens. Create a brand-new distribution relationship, return the value to the creators themselves, and realize the token ideal of “co-construction, sharing, and co-governance”.

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Decentralization is the most basic feature of a blockchain. The blockchain no longer relies on a centralized organization, enabling distributed data recording, storage, and updating.

Blockchain assets are first based on the Internet. As long as there is an Internet, blockchain assets can be circulated. The Internet here can be the World Wide Web or various local area networks, so blockchain assets are circulated globally. As long as the Internet is available, you can transfer blockchain assets

No one else can know how much your blockchain assets are, and who you transfer money to. This anonymity is irrelevant, and only people with private keys can check
To all transfer information.

The blockchain system is open and transparent. In addition to the private information of the parties to the transaction being encrypted, the data is transparent to the nodes on the entire network.

Once the information of the blockchain system is verified and added to the blockchain, it will be permanently stored and cannot be changed (except for private blockchains and other systems with special modification requirements).
The blockchain uses consensus-based specifications and protocols (such as a set of open and transparent algorithms) to enable all nodes in the entire system to exchange data freely and securely in a detrusted environment, making the trust in "people" into Machine trust, no human intervention will work.
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The public chain is the public chain, which refers to the blockchain that anyone in the world can read and send transactions, and transactions can be effectively confirmed. In short, the public chain is a blockchain that everyone or organizations can participate in, and participants do not need to be authorized. .

All the data that needs anti-counterfeiting, traceability and verification and all the processes that can simplify the intermediation may be applied to the blockchain public chain. For example: the public chain can be applied to personal identification, birth certificate, real estate certificate, passport and other information can be moved to the blockchain to verify, to prevent cross-border invalidation and postponed invalidation; it can also be applied to travel consumption, copyright protection The economic benefits can be covered by the third party to cover both parties of the transaction.

The privacy protection of account transactions is a basic requirement of financial applications. Technically, cryptographic methods such as data desensitization, zero-knowledge proof, secure multiparty computing, ring signatures, group signatures, and blind signatures can be used to perform high-intensity encryption protection on data. Information encryption and decryption authorization can ensure that all data is encrypted and chained by its own owner, and can authorize the decryption authority only to its authorized participants; zero-knowledge proof can go a step further without a third party needing to decrypt the ciphertext on the chain, On the premise that the data owner does not disclose sensitive information, it can verify and judge the information on some chains to improve the efficiency of the entire process. In terms of transaction privacy, in order to make the transaction initiator untraceable to anyone, ring signature technology can be used to hide the transaction initiator in a set of account collections. When using smart contract transactions, smart contract accounts and Accounts are isolated.

BAC has three basic characteristics based on three basic elements: one is decentralization based on distributed ledger, the penetrability based on chain data structure, and the third is intelligent based on programmable protocols. .

Information island problem

Information island problem


The current mainstream system has information in the entire supply chain of goods
Crysis. There are usually multiple information systems throughout the supply chainSystem, and information systems are difficult to interact with each other, leading to tedious information checking,Unbalanced data interaction, which in the end caused too much checking and offlineRepeated checks can make up for the problem of multiple system interactions.

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